Touching the Cloud

Touching the Cloud

Welcome to GigPeak’s new website and blog!

With a combination of hardware and software semiconductor IC solutions for a wide array of industries and applications, GigPeak is a multi-faceted company, enabling high-speed connectivity and high-quality video compression over the Network and the Cloud.

Today, 5 billion people are connected by mobile and broadband, and the cloud is transforming the fabric of our society. Global data traffic is exploding. As the world becomes increasingly connected – with people communicating over different networks, via a variety of devices, utilizing a growing number of new and emerging mediums – GigPeak is dedicated to making these interactions as fast and simple as possible.

As you may know, we transitioned the company earlier this year from GigOptix to GigPeak. We made this move to reflect the broadening scope and capabilities of the company. In addition to our leading portfolio of solutions for high-speed enterprise networking connectivity, GigPeak now offers world-class expertise in video broadcasting, compression, and soon analytics.

I hope you’ll visit our blog often to gain some insight into GigPeak’s activities, products, and technologies, and to share your thoughts on topics that are shaping our industry today. I also encourage you to explore our new website, where you can learn about our growing portfolio of products that are enabling a cloud-connected world.

We look forward to connecting with you again soon.

Best Regards,

Raluca Dinu

COO, GigPeak