Togetherness: A Thank You to GigPeak’s Employees on Our 10th Anniversary



Like every year, between Diwali, Ramadan, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve – which we all celebrate with delight during this beautiful season of the “holiday of the holidays” – I keep thinking and counting my blessings. More so this year, as I reflect on the blessed years since the inception of GigOptix / GigPeak, and while preparing to celebrate our 10th anniversary with all of you at our traditional Holidays Season party this Saturday.

It was only a short time ago, in early 2007, some 25 ambitious and hard-working folks came together to build our dream. In just ten years we have grown to a family of 150 partners and built a company with an enterprise value of almost $200 million, which carries a respected brand name within the industries we serve. Launching the journey during the 2007-2010 “death-valley” recession period, and continuously striving to discover and add more talent and partners leading to eight acquisitions over those ten years, eventually brought us to the “promised-land.” Adhering to a common goal, together over those years, and working side by side, we made it happen. We always knew that going alone may, at best, bring success faster for the short term, but the only way to go far, and to last for the long-term, was to go together in a diversified and very talented team comprised of many ethnic origins, nationalities, religions, orientations, and technical skills.

Now, on this day, we can celebrate the fruits of our true values of Live-Love-Learn-Legacy (“LLLL”) and our pure entrepreneurship as we conclude the first ten years of togetherness – of mutual trust and respect, of sharing the thin and thick of our lives, the moments of happiness and pain, crossing together through trying times and rewarding moments, and most importantly, living our dreams of building a stable and meaningful enterprise “to last.” Through our collective efforts, we constantly kept the GigPeak ship from hitting the rocks and always bring it to safe harbor.

We have taught ourselves through this journey, yet once again, that nothing is impossible if we truly want to achieve it. We knew that there is never lost opportunity in business, and we were never satisfied with just achieving the closest goal. Collectively, we have always turned our attention to a newer goal and to exceed the one we just left behind.

You, GigPeakeans, are indeed the best team I have ever worked with. You are the differentiating secret of our company, the most important ingredient of our success, and the critical spice of our achievements. As the saying goes: An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it. Or as I was taught as a young man, a battleship, no matter how great the materials and technology it is constructed of, is only as good as the crew that operates it.

Every one of you should be very proud as collectively you have all been a part for our success. The achievements of the company are the results of the combined efforts from all of you. The strength of the togetherness has been driving the stable and continuous success over these ten years.

Words are difficult for me to come by in order to express the true magnitude of my thanks. I want you all to know how much I love and respect all of you. As a group you have been terrific. You have worked tirelessly, been exceptionally excellent, and are magnificent beyond the best dreams I had back in 2007 when we embarked on this journey. You have been great mentors and teachers to me, close and caring friends, solid rocks to trust upon, and reliable compass to daily navigate by.

Thank you so much for making me so proud and happy to be part of this team! I can assure you that these last ten years are only the beginning, keeping together as we moved forward during this period is what translated to success. The last ten years were amazing. I have no doubt the next ten years to come will be exceptional and even better – Happy Holidays and the best to all of you and your families and beloved others.