Single Die Packaging for ASIC

GigPeak provides a wide range of semiconductor packages for ASIC solutions to meet customer requirements. The packages offered are: Quad Flat Pack (PQFP, TQFP), Quad Flat No-lead (QFN), Ball-Grid-Array (PBGA, TFBGA, LBGA etc.), Flip Chip BGA (FCBGA), Ceramic (CDIP, CLCC, CPGA etc.), Stacked & MCM. GigPeak engineers work with customer engineers to provide the best packaging solution for performance & cost.

With more I/O connections being added to SOC’s and due to ease of manufacturing in surface mount production, Ball Grid Array (BGA) packages have become the package of choice for high pin-count designs. GigPeak ASIC engineers have experience in working with customers and package designers to undertake custom substrate designs and conduct thermal & electrical analysis to provide a high quality packaging solution.

Stacked die packaging & MCM’s allows mounting of different ICs in a single package. These solutions include ASIC, NVRAM, Analog chips etc. to optimize overall solution.

Multichip Modules for Telecom Markets

Many of today’s Telecom products use a mixture of semiconductor technologies to achieve maximum electrical performance at the subsystem level. GigPeak has a long history in the design and manufacturing of Multi-Chip-Modules (MCMs) allowing the use of chips from the different technologies to achieve optimal performance. Our experience covers from traditional connector based copper–tungsten hermetic housings to land grid array packages using organic substrates from DC to 90 GHz.

In addition, GigPeak has a 3,300 ft^2 manufacturing area at our San Jose facility which provides a foundation for early builds of the MCM products. Once MCM processes, test accuracy, and yields are proven we then transfer the products to our contract manufacturing partners for volume production.

SIP Packaging for EBand and VBand Backhaul Markets

GigPeak uses System in Package (SiP) to offer unprecedented performance and flexibility for implementation of a complete subsystem in a small form factor package. The customer benefits from having faster time-to-market, reduced integration and test time, lower development costs and higher system performance leading to overall lower cost of ownership.

SIP allows for integration of ICs coming from different process technologies, ability to optimize overall solution. With SiPs, customer can rapidly integrate SiGe, GaAs or CMOS devices along with passives onto a single package that is not possible with a single-chip solution.

GigPeak has multiple SIP solutions for EBand and VBand backhaul markets. The complete signal chain of the radio is integrated onto a small form factor package that allows the customer to rapidly bring their products into market.