ASIC Applications

GigPeak has been designing ASICs in CMOS technology since 1989 with more than 2000 ASIC designs to date. The CMOS process is well suited for low power, low cost applications that require integration of various IP blocks to form a system on chip (SOC) product. GigPeak works closely with its foundry partners to develop an extensive array of structured ASIC, standard cell, and IP blocks for our customers. For each ASIC design, we work with our customers to choose the best process technology, packaging, and IPs to provide the ASIC with the best price/performance solution.

GigPeak offers an array of logic and mixed signal processes from 0.6um to most advanced 40nm and 28nm technologies. Customers therefore have a choice of different process nodes, voltages, and mixed signal technologies to design a true SOC chip.

With the availability of geometries to 28nm and lower, the performance of CMOS-based devices are approaching SiGe speeds. For instance, 28G SerDes, TIA, driver etc. are achievable in 40nm or 28nm process geometries making it possible to integrate these very high speed IPs using digital circuits.

RF Applications

GigPeak is a recognized leader in high-speed TIA and drivers for datacom, consumer, and telecom applications. With its roots in RF technology, GigPeak adds comprehensive analog design knowledge to its proven track record of digital CMOS design capability. This enables GigPeak to offer a wide variety of RF and mixed signal products for point-to-point radio, GPS, power management, medical and mil/aero, etc. Combined with IP’s from these technologies, and expansion of ASIC technology with advanced geometry CMOS processes, GigPeak provides state of the art digital, optical, RF, and mixed signal ASIC solutions to reduce power, board space, and cost.

Datacom and Consumer Applications

GigPeak is expanding its datacom PMD portfolio of laser drivers and TIA+PA receiver solutions to address the need for long reach connectivity in the emerging consumer markets of 4K / 8K advanced televisions, 4K / 8K displays, and high-end professional cameras for content generation, to enable active optic cables up to 1000m for HDMI1.x and HDMI2.0 applications. Our extensive high-sensitivity TIA+PA receiver experience enables us to address the demanding needs of 3D gesture and motion recognition applications to enable next-generation, natural user interfaces for consumer electronics such as gaming, tablets/laptops, smart phones, and smart interactive TVs.

Regardless of the application, GigPeak provides leading PMD optical solutions to solve the copper media problems of high speed, longer reach, and high bandwidth connectivity.

Key Advantages

  • High level of integration – RF, analog and digital functions in a single IC (SOC)
  • Smaller die size in comparison to FPGA’s with the same functionality
  • Low power consumption
  • Low cost

Key Applications

Mil/Aero: Radios, GPS, missiles, cockpit electronics, engine and control systems
Medical: Ultrasound, defilibirators, CT scan systems
Industrial: Gaming, industrial controls, stepper motors, vending machines
Communications: Optical modules, DSL, switch/router, RF modules, GPS
Computing: Printers, KVM, video
Consumer: 4K / 8K TV and professional cameras, HDMI cables, 3D gesture and motion recognition ICs