Ultra-Wideband ICs

Ultra-Wideband ICs

Our UWB transmitter and receiver ICs are all based on the industry proven UWB Core IP which has been developed by dedicated engineers with many years of experience. Our UWB ICs are targeting markets such as industrial, consumer, and building automation.

UWB IC Advantages:

  • High data rates, up to 2Mbps
  • Low susceptibility to multipath fading
  • High immunity against wireless networks interferences
  • Able to operate and a low SNR environment
  • Superior penetration properties
  • Simple transceiver architecture
  • Low transmit power


Ultra-Wideband ICsMany of our UWB ICs incorporate custom, high-speed DSP technology to allow our customers to transmit custom data and perform real-time processing of the data received.

Supporting multiple applications, GigPeak’s UWB ICs are in the heart of many state-of-the-art products designed by our customers worldwide.