Obsolescence Conversion

The GigPeak Sunset Rescue Program was created to help companies faced with ASIC or FPGA component obsolescence from their suppliers. When a supplier issues an end of life notice, they will offer a chance for last purchase with an increase in unit price; sometimes doubling or tripling the price. This results in a huge disruption in cash flow as well as an inflated inventory for the buyer. In order to help our customers to avoid this issue, GigPeak offers a drop-in replacement of the existing ASIC or FPGA with an ASIC solution. Our proven process and methodology ensures the replacement chip meets the most stringent requirements of the customer.

GigPeak is compliant with DO-254, Mil-883, and ITAR standards and has a proven track record in converting designs for military, aerospace, industrial, and medical applications. We offer technology nodes from 0.6um (5V core) to 28nm to ensure the design can be converted seamlessly. GigPeak has successfully implemented this program on many obsoleted components in mission-critical applications.

To convert an obsolete design, the customer provides a list of deliverables, including functional test vectors for final test of the ASIC to validate that the converted ASIC works exactly as the obsolete ASIC component. If necessary, GigPeak can take the old ASIC parts for testing and verification to match the new ASIC. GigPeak has experience in converting the obsolete ASIC designs with less than adequate design data. GigPeak design engineers will work with customer engineers to find a creative solution for successful conversion. GigPeak has experience in mapping netlists of other ASIC vendors to GigPeak netlists. In some cases, customers may have specific requirements that demand exact matching of the I/O behavior in the system. GigPeak will run SPICE models on contentious I/O buffers for increased confidence.