FPGA to ASIC Conversion

FPGAs are wonderful tools for proof of concept; their ability to reprogram with minimal cost is very attractive for designs in their infant stage. However, when the design is mature and starts to ship in volume, the high unit cost quickly overshadows all the benefits that FPGAs have to offer. The most common reasons to stay with FPGAs are: high ASIC NRE, board redesign, uncertainty, and limited engineering resources.

GigPeak, has been able to resolve all of the above problems, as our ASIC product line is designed and developed with FPGA conversion in mind. It offers the ability to provide drop-in replacement for your existing FPGAs with minimal customer effort, and fast time to market. With a veteran engineering team that has more than 20 years of experience in FPGA conversion and design-tested methodology, GigPeak is able to provide a solid ASIC solution for your existing FPGAs while keeping the power consumption and unit price low. With geometries ranging from 0.6um (5V IO compatible) to 28nm, we are able to convert FPGAs of all forms and functions.