The iT4036F is an ultra-wideband phase delay designed with a high-speed ECL topology for either single-ended or differential data input/output. Its high speed (up to 12.5Gb/s), excellent rise and fall times, and eye diagram quality make the iT4036F suitable for timing adjustment in data and clock distribution. Demanding digital applications benefit from the iT4036F, including clock data recovery, edge detectors, NRZ-to-RZ converters, MUX/DEMUX, data restoration, and PSK modulation schemes.

The device features a single delay element that provides up to 120-ps delay. Delay control can be either differential (using both Vcn and Vcp) or single-ended (Vcn is the active control pad while Vcp is shorted to Vcref). The control voltage range for the delay input is from -1.3 V to -1.9 V regardless of whether the control is single-ended or differential. The device can delay NRZ streams at data rates up to 12.5 Gb/s or clock signals up to 11.7 GHz. Both inputs and outputs are DC-coupled and feature internal 50-ohm resistors at the inputs and outputs. The iT4036F is housed in a 5×5-mm RoHS-6-compliant QFN package.

Key Features

  • Ultra wideband: Up to 12.5 Gb/s NRZ or 11.7GHz Clock Signals
  • Delay adjustment up to 120 ps
  • 400 mVpp single-ended output
  • Low RMS jitter degradation
  • Output rise time (20%/80%): 24 ps
  • Output fall time (20%/80%): 22 ps
  • 50-ohm matched AC or DC-coupled I/O
  • Differential or single-ended I/O
  • Power consumption: 570 mW
  • Cascadable to obtain n*120 ps of delay without requiring buffers between devices.
  • 5×5-mm RoHS-6-compliant QFN

Applications List

  • OC-192/STM-64 transmission systems
  • High-speed clock data recovery
  • Jitter injection
  • 10Gbps systems using optical amplifiers
  • Wideband phase modulation

Ordering Information

iT40365x5 mm RoHS compliant QFN