The iT2018 is a three-stage, high-power amplifier that operates from 5 to 18 GHz. It provides saturated mid-band output power of 2.5 W and greater than 1.5 W at 18 GHz with average small-signal gain of 21 dB across its bandwidth. The iT2018 has only four DC supply buses, simplifying and reducing the cost of assembly. Input and output ports are on-chip AC coupled. The iT2018 also provides acceptable out-of-band gain and power with good return loss up to 20 GHz.

Key Features

  • Frequency range: 5 GHz –- 18 GHz
  • Gain: 18 dB at 18 GHz
  • Psat: 32 dBm at 18 GHz
  • Mid-band Psat: < 33 dBm
  • DC bias: 8 V at 1.1 A
  • Full chip passivation for high reliability
  • Chip size: 5.22 mm x 2.67 mm x 0.1 mm

Applications List

  • Test equipment
  • Digital microwave radio
  • Broadband wireless
  • Radar
  • Satellite communication

Ordering Information

iT2018RoHS compliant bare die in gel packs
iT2018TFTest fixture