HXT6212 BD


The HXT6212 VCSEL driver array is a key component for compact, robust, low-power optical transmitter modules. In conjunction with the VCSEL array, the chip handles the complete digital-to-optical conversion, including CML input, laser driver, drive control, and supervision. Standard silicon technology and a small number of additional components allow for cost-effective and compact assemblies.

Key Features

  • Low power consumption of 150mW per channel while delivering 5mA average and 5mA modulation current
  • Compatible with common cathode and isolated VCSEL arrays
  • 2-wire interface control and symmetric pad design maximize module design flexibility
  • Up to 10 mA Average and 10 mA modulation current

Applications List

  • InfiniBand EDR transceivers
  • InfiniBand EDR active cables
  • Proprietary multi-channel optical modules

Ordering Information

PartTemp RangePin-Package
HXT6212-DNT0°C to +85°CBare Die 2.05mm x 3.65mm
HXT6212-EVBRoom TempEvaluation Board