The HXT32100 is a single-channel, low-power, Direct Modulated Laser (DML) driver for LR4 parallel optical applications that supports data rates up to 28Gbps and optical reach up to 10km. In conjunction with a DFB laser diode an individual DFB laser diode, the device handles the complete digital-to-optical conversion, including CML input with equalization, laser driver, drive control and supervision.

Designed for direct DC-coupled die in TOSA applications with a small number of additional components for cost-effective and compact assemblies. Available in die form.

Key Features

  • 200mW total channel PDISS if configured for:
    • IMOD = 50mAPP
    • IBIAS = 50mA
    • Not including DML power
  • Supports up to: IMOD = 50mAPP & IBIAS = 50mA with VCC = 2.5V
  • Programmable Input Equalization
  • Input Signal Detect (SD) with Squelch
  • Input Polarity Inversion
  • Programmable Pulse Width Adjustment
  • Programmable Laser Modulation Current Amplitude Peaking and Peaking Duration
  • Integrated Temperature Sensor
  • Interrupts with User selectable Mask control
  • Laser Disable for IMOD and IBIAS
  • 2-wire interface control and symmetric pad design maximize module design flexibility
  • QSFP MSA Compliant

Applications List

  • Up to 2km LR 100G-BASE Ethernet modules for datacenters
  • Up to 2km CLR 100G-BASE Ethernet modules for datacenters
  • 32G Fiber Channel modules to 10km
  • Infiniband EDR optical modules
  • Proprietary single channel optical modules

Ordering Information

PartTemperature RangeDimensions
HXT32100-DNU -40°C to +95°CBare Die Design Size: 1300µm x 1070µm; Nominal Die Cut Size: 1350µm x 1120µm
HXT32100-TNU-40°C to +95°CBare Die Design Size: 1300µm x 1070µm; Nominal Die Cut Size: 1350µm x 1120µm
HXT32100EVBRoom TemperatureEvaluation Board