The HXR44400 Trans-impedance Linear Amplifier quad channel array is a member of GigPeak’s family of Optical Receiver Transmitter Array (ORTA) products for PAM4 modulation format targeted at the parallel optical links market. Together with a PIN detector array or discrete detectors, high-capacity, high-availability optical link can be designed for next-generation Ethernet and datacom applications.

The 3.3V SiGe device integrates the linear trans-impedance pre-amplifier, the linear post-amplifier, and a versatile CML output stage for four optical channels.

Key Features

  • High receiver sensitivity for 56Gbps PAM4 signal
  • Up to 3 mApp overload
  • Independent, per channel RSSI
  • 5kΩ typical differential gain
  • 500mVppd output voltage swing and adjustable output swing
  • Linear operation with internal AGC
  • 150mW per channel power consumption
  • QSFP56 MSA compliance
  • Optimized for isolated and common cathode photo-detector arrays from multiple vendors

Applications List

  • Next-generation Ethernet optical receiver modules up to LR
  • Proprietary multi-channel small form factor optical modules like CFP8 and QSFP56

Ordering Information

Pin-PackageTemperature RangePin-Package
HXR44400-DNT-5°C to +95°CDie 1.350mm x 3.370mm