The HXR4101A is a low power and high performance dual-band limiting TIA. The HXR4101A implements all the functionalities that are traditionally shared between a TIA and a separate LIA chip.

The HXR4101A can be used in stand-alone mode (no microcontroller need), or in an I 2Ccontrolled mode. The I 2C interface and the embedded monitoring circuits enable fully programmable OSAs with co-packaged PD and receiver, for various applications such as lowpower SFP+ modules using Smart TO-cans®.

Key Features

  • 18.5 µApp input sensitivity @ 10.3 Gb/s
  • 95 mW typ. power consumption in high performance mode
  • < 80 mW in low power 10.3 Gbps mode
  • Large Gain (20 k? minimum)
  • Bandwidth selection enabling data rates from 2 Gb/s to 14 Gb/s
  • LIA / AGC for large dynamic range
  • Line driver with output swing selection
  • A/D read-out of temperature, RSSI informatio
  • Adjustable pre-emphasis circuit
  • Squelch circuit
  • I²C control interface
  • Stand-alone mode for operation without microcontroller

Applications List

  • OC-192/STM-64 transmission systems
  • 2G/4G/8G/16G Fiber Channel
  • USB 4.0 active optical cables
  • SONET OC-192 with dual FEC
  • Avionic optical interconnects

Ordering Information

Part Temp Range Pin-Package
HXR4101ADNT-T-40°C to +105°CBare Die for TO-Can