The GX62476B is a very low-power, high-performance, quad-channel linear driver, designed for 100G and 200G optical transmitters for metro applications. The GX62476B is a small form factor (SFF) packaged surface mount device (SMD) with differential inputs and single-ended outputs consisting of 4 x 32Gb/s broadband amplifier channels, including high-frequency chokes, each capable of driving a linear output voltage of 5Vpp, suitable for multi-level modulation applications.

Key Features

  • Data rate up to 32Gb/s per channel for 100G/200G/400G DP-QPSK applications
  • Linear single-ended output voltage up to 5Vpp
  • 15dB dynamic range of gain control
  • 1 W (typ.) PD/channel @ linear 5 Vpp
  • 75 W (typ.) PD/channel @ linear 3 Vpp
  • Ultra-low inter-channel cross-talk
  • Small form factor SMD
  • Internal high-frequency supply chokes
  • Internally DC-blocked RF inputs and outputs
  • Peak detector & reference voltage

Applications List

  • 100Gb/s systems using DP-QPSK
  • 200Gb/s & 400Gb/s advanced multi-level modulation systems

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