The GX36220 is a dual 32Gb/s linear Trans-Impedance Amplifier (TIA) for 400G coherent Receiver Optical Sub-Assemblies (ROSAs).

The GX36220 integrates two TIA signal paths for I and Q channels. The high-performance, low power, and compact design of the GX36220 enables small form factors like CFP2 and CFP4.

Key Features

  • Adjustable frequency range from 32Gb/s up to 64Gb/s
  • Differential gain: 5,000Ω
  • Low power consumption
  • Linear gain over 30dB of dynamic range
  • Internal AGC
  • Output voltage control
  • Peak detection
  • Shutdown mode

Applications List

  • 400G coherent ROSAs
  • CFP/CFP2/CFP4 form factors

Ordering Information

PartTemperature RangePin-Package
GX36220-DNT-5°C to +95°CDie 1.562mm x 1.387mm