The EXG0201 is a GPS/GNSS receiver chip that integrates the bulk of a receive chain for both upper and lower GPS/GNSS bands. The ADCs have a selectable high-resolution mode and a low resolution, low power mode. The low-resolution mode has reduced current and lower linearity. Dual fractional-N synthesizers with a shared reference generate RF LO signals. A 3-wire SPI digital interface is used to program and control the functionality of the chip.

Key Features

  • Single-chip dual band GPS/GNSS receiver
  • Fully integrated with ADC and synthesizers
  • High resolution ADC output (12 bits)
  • Low power mode, dual channel operation only 250 mW
  • High dynamic mode, 60 dB of instantaneous dynamic range
  • Low power standby mode
  • High linearity and low noise figure
  • 72 pin QFN

Applications List

  • Precision GPS systems for surveying, agricultural systems, and any other high-performance GPS receiver
  • PNDs (personal navigation devices)
  • In-vehicle navigation systems
  • Telematics (asset tracking, inventory management)
  • Recreational/marine navigation/avionics

Ordering Information

EXG0201-Q72RoHS compliant 72 pin QFN