D7Pro Unified Transcoder/Encoder/Decoder ASIC

The D7Pro ASIC is a flexible media processing platform which has its functionality defined through software loaded directly onto the D7Pro. With this flexible design, our customers can address multiple markets with a single chip. In addition to hardware acceleration for H.264 and MPEG-2 codecs, D7Pro includes multiple processors for audio transcoding, graphics insertion, and advanced video processing. The DX0783 is a D7Pro ASIC for use as a transcoder, encoder, or decoder.

Key Features

  • Complete solution with video, audio, data, and mux
  • Multi-format video support for H.264/MPEG-2 and HD/SD
  • Multi-format audio support for Dolby, MPEG, AAC, and LCPM
  • Built-in high performance HW de-interlacer and scaler
  • Graphics processing including blending and multi-layer support
  • Integrated high-speed DDR3 simplifies board designs

Applications List

  • Distribution transcoder
  • Distribution encoder
  • Distribution decoder
  • Contribution encoder
  • Contribution decoder

Ordering Information

PartTemperature RangePackage
DX07830°C to 80°CFCBGA