CES 2017: Everything is About Technology

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CES 2017 is now in the books and it was a record-breaker, highlighting the continuing growth and infusion of technology into our lives. Attended by more than 175,000 tech professionals from around the globe – with 55,000 coming form outside the US – this year’s gathering attracted individuals from the world’s biggest companies, as well as more than 600 startups. The massive Las Vegas Convention Center was packed as attendees endeavored to visit with a portion of the 3,800+ exhibiting companies occupying more than 2.6 million net square feet of space.

Even if you didn’t attend CES this year, I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of news coming out of this annual tech-fest, as technology has most-certainly gone mainstream. With anything and everything tech-related being touted from the show floor in Las Vegas last week, CES once again didn’t disappoint with news of the practical, unconventional, and sometimes inexplicable.

Whether or not you think you need smart technology to help you with your hair-brushing habits or a drone to assist you in finding fish, the one thing that is clear to me after a few days at CES is that cloud-connected, data-driven devices have permeated the consumer sphere and we’re all in for an exciting ride.

From a flood of smart devices, to the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning software powering them, here are a few of the trends that I found most interesting:

Voice Control Takes Control

Often seen in the form of virtual assistants – voice control technology was highly visible throughout the show. Amazon’s popular Alexa showed up in cars, watches, robots and more, bringing AI-powered voice technology to a mainstream audience. With significant potential to replace apps as our go-to means of accessing information in the coming years – I expect to see a lot more development in this area, requiring faster and more agile technology to meet the demands of both consumers and industry for the next generation of voice-controlled devices.

A New Reality

While still in the early stages of development and application, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are understandably getting a lot of attention. It may be a few years before this technology finds its killer app, but it’s definitely an area that is seeing a lot of innovation in both hardware and software, and that will certainly grab the attention of technologist and consumers for years to come.

Streaming Video Reaches a Tipping Point

Video delivery continues to evolve, as traditional video service providers alter their models to compete or even join forces with the over-the-top (OTT) players who have seen so much success in recent years. But as video distribution platforms advance, the one thing that remains steadfast is consumers’ demand for broadcast-quality video – no matter the source. In order to meet the high standards of the video-consuming public, innovation must continue both on the glitzy front end of the television business, as well as behind the scenes where the hard work of delivering high-quality video over any network to any devices happens.

Spending on Software Going Up, Spending on Hardware Going Down

Corporate infrastructure spending is increasingly being put into software, while hardware spending is falling due to the use of offsite services and a preference for cheap hardware. This is a trend that will continue throughout the year. Analysts at Garner have estimated that total IT spending will reach $3.5 trillion in 2017.

Unstructured Data Will Start to Give Up its Secrets

The data available to most organizations is raw and unstructured. With the tremendous advances in fields such as image recognition, sentiment analysis, and natural language processing, this information is starting to give up its secrets. Data mining will grow in 2017, with companies automating analysis of Zettabytes of data, while providing services offering access to this sort of technology.

Everything is About Technology

What do these latest innovations all have in common? As Stacey Higginbotham writes – “every company is now a tech company.“ This makes for a very exciting time for those of us who support the device makers and other innovators with core technology that delivers the high-speed connectivity and high quality required to effectively support millions of smarter devices, a rapidly-growing Internet of Things (IoT), video delivered everywhere, and whatever else might be around the corner.

Whether we’re talking fun gadgets or technology that goes deeper to truly enhance our lives, technology is becoming more and more a part of every person’s life. I, and the entire GigPeak team, look forward to bringing you more developments in the above areas – as well as much more – as we tackle a new year and an ever-changing, technology-based world.

Best Regards,

Raluca Dinu

COO, GigPeak