VR/AR/Motion Detection

VR/AR/Motion Detection

Virtual and Augmented Reality

With many years of UWB transmitter and receiver design experience, GigPeak’s IPs are enabling customers with advance immersive virtual and augmented reality products. We offer full custom integration of our IPs into our ASIC design flow so that our customers can focus on their system level product development. The customer provides the specification of the ASIC and GigPeak can deliver the final product with minimum customer intervention.

Our UWB IPs for VR/AR applications have industry-leading precision and low power consumption. This allows our customers to implement systems where positions can be detected with movements of less than 1 mm and operate on batteries for many hours of user experience.


Motion Detection

Another application for our UWB IP is high accuracy and long distance motion detection. Many customers are taking advantage of our technology to implement next-generation motion detection systems for both the industrial and consumer markets. GigPeak’s flexible IP can be tuned for many applications, such as commercial grade motion detection, which covers a large area, and consumer grade, which requires a shorter range and lower power consumption.

GigPeak is committed to continuous enhancements of our IPs to enable our customers to provide industry-leading products in terms of accuracy, coverage, and low-power consumption. We are focusing on specification to final product services with our UWB IP solutions.