Video Distribution

Video Distribution

GigPeak – a market leader in professional video silicon and software-based encoding and transcoding – has over two decades of video quality leadership and technology innovation. We offer system vendors the foremost advanced solution for primary and secondary distribution. GigPeak’s ASIC and x86 based software products offer complete multi-format, feature rich solutions with high-quality H.264/MPEG-2 CBR/VBR encoding, high-density, any-format-to-any-format transcoding, as well as the ability to manipulate video content for multi-screen applications. Our solutions support state-of-the-art pre-processing, digital program insertion and comprehensive audio/ancillary data/mux system level features.

Primary Distribution

Content originators face unique challenges when distributing content to satellite, cable, IPTV and terrestrial operator headends worldwide. The quality of the video they distribute must be pristine in order to withstand repeated re-encoding and transcoding prior to re-distribution. Pressure to reduce expenses lead primary distributors to try to transmit as many channels as they can at the lowest possible bitrates to conserve bandwidth.

To address these potentially conflicting goals, originators have rapidly adopted advanced technologies such as AVC/H.264 and efficient statistical multiplexing systems while continuing to support legacy MPEG-2 formats. Vendors of encoding, decoding and transcoding equipment for primary distribution must support solutions that offer the highest video quality H.264 and MPEG-2 CBR/VBR encoding. Ideally, to minimize operator operating expenses, these systems should enable both types of services to be aggregated in a single bundle without compromising video quality. GigPeak’s technology allows the content originators to maintain the highest video quality at the lowest possible bitrates.

Secondary Distribution

System solutions for secondary distribution and Over-The-Top (OTT) are facing additional challenges beyond the familiar pressures to increase video quality and density. As the variety of devices on which viewers access video increases, re-purposing video content for viewing on multiple screens while maintaining high video quality is a must.

Thus, encoding and transcoding with professional quality, de-interlacing, re-scaling and frame rate conversion tools are essential for addressing the target devices for this segment: Main screen (TV) and OTT device, smart phones, tablets, PCs and connected TV’s.