Datacenter Networks

GigPeak provides an industry-leading portfolio of innovative optical, analog, and mixed signal solutions for high-speed data transmission products while addressing the challenging demands of higher data rates with lower power dissipation required in datacenter, high performance computing, and consumer applications. The comprehensive Datacom products portfolio covers single, quad, and 12 channel solutions and supports data throughput from 1Gbps and up to 300Gbps while supporting key industry standards such as Ethernet, InfiniBand, Fibre Channel, SONET/SDH, and consumer applications such as HDMI and USB3.x


Data CenterGigPeak’’s PMD solutions solve critical challenges for intra and inter datacenter connectivity. Our VCSEL driver and TIA+PA receiver array solutions provide industry-leading performance for Ethernet applications from 10G to 250G and are de-facto standard for 40G SR4 modules.


ConsumerGigPeak’s PMD portfolio provides complete transmit/receive solutions for consumer applications such as the next-generation HDMI active optical cables needed to support 4K and higher resolution UHD displays. Supporting reach up to 1000m, the limitations of copper connectivity are avoided while achieving optimal image quality.

Client Side

CDR RetimersAddressing  intra-datacenter connectivity requirements, GigPeak’s PMD solutions enable the migration to 100G, QSFP28 form factors with its portfolio of high sensitivity, single, and quad channel TIA+PA arrays for SR4 to LR4 reach and DML drivers for 2km reach.

Line Side

Line SideGigPeak’s next-generation, high-sensitivity TIA+PA receiver arrays address the needs of long reach (LR) and extended reach (ER) applications. Complemented with new DML drivers for 100G LR4 applications, a total QSFP28 solution is available for datacenter-to-datacenter interconnectivity.